Polpeo creates realistic and interactive social media simulations for brands and their agencies

Using a combination of proprietary software and a team of specialist community and social media managers, Polpeo simulates any public social media experience or situation, from the live drama of a breaking crisis, to the public response to a new campaign. It is the closest thing to managing a real situation that’s breaking on social media, but all done in a private, safe environment.

Polpeo uses our own simulation technology to mimic the behaviour of social networks, microblogs, news sites, forums, blogs and video channels, including how those channels interact with each other. Behind the scenes, simulations are run by a team of Emoderation’s experienced community and social media managers who simulate the public’s response to a social media situation, crisis or campaign. The simulations are run in real-time, so you can see how the public are responding to your social media management strategy.

Polpeo is an Emoderation subsidiary company, co-created by social media specialist Emoderation, and PR specialist Kate Hartley.

The only way to really understand the impact of social media in a crisis – and how to use it to your advantage – is to experience it. And no one wants to go through the pain of doing this during a real incident simply to find out if the organisation’s capabilities are up to it or not. A conventional crisis simulation goes part way to addressing this need, but it still lacks the realism of a crisis unfolding on a screen in front of you. That is why I – and more importantly the clients with whom I work – am so impressed with Polpeo. It creates a truly immersive and authentic experience which means that participants get to experience the real thing (almost) but in a totally safe environment. My experience of running social media crisis exercises in Europe, the US and Asia using the simulator demonstrates its enormous value. Indeed, delegates from global businesses have described it as the most powerful training experience of their entire careers.
Jonathan Hemus, Insignia Communications

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