Social Media Strategy

Running a new social media strategy or campaign? How will your audiences react?

If you’re planning a new social media campaign or strategy, have you rehearsed how you’ll manage social media if some of the public respond badly? Social media strategy and campaign testing will help you gauge the public reaction and rehearse how you will manage that response.

Our social media simulations test how the public might respond to a new approach on social media, such as a fresh ad campaign, product launch, content (video, images or web copy), redesigned corporate identity or a change in your tone of voice.

The response on social media to any campaign or product can be unpredictable. Even if reaction in focus groups or research was positive, you may find some groups less receptive on social media, or even intent on derailing your launch. Your target audience may respond well, but the nature of social media is that your new approach reach a wider public. By simulating your launch on social channels, you will prepare your team for the possibility of managing negativity. You will learn techniques to neutralise damaging public feedback, practise dealing behaviour such as ‘trolling’ and develop the experience to protect and enhance your corporate reputation through the launch.

Using a team of Emoderation community and social media managers, we simulate the launch of your strategy, campaign or product, delivering a wide variety of public reactions to it. Your team will be able to prepare and practise how to respond to this wide range of positive and negative comment. This will prepare you for the real launch, arming you with invaluable experience to protect your brand.

All our simulations can be delivered completely remotely, with secure online logins and training delivered by video.

Test your campaign in an secure environment