Is your communications team crisis-ready?

Polpeo’s realistic and immersive crisis simulations prepare you to communicate successfully in a crisis.

Polpeo’s crisis simulations

Our crisis simulations recreate the experience of managing a crisis as it unfolds and spreads over social, digital and traditional media. Our crisis simulations stress-test your crisis communications response, crisis plans, teams, resilience and strategies, all within a safe, secure environment, away from the glare of the public or media.

Your crisis team uses our unique crisis simulation software to enter a world where a crisis is unfolding in front of them, on social media, blogs, forums, news sites, and activist communities. They’ll work as a team to manage your organisation’s reputation, creating crisis strategies and messaging, managing employee communications, and responding to stakeholders, journalists, influencers and members of the public. They’ll have to deal with mis-information, trolls, public outrage, social activists and protests, as well as managing media enquiries and worried employees. They’ll learn to communicate with empathy and authenticity. They’ll feel the pressure as if it were a real crisis. This helps them to build resilience, and develop the confidence to face a crisis in real life.

Everything they do will get a live response from our experienced crisis role-play team, who simulate the public response to the crisis, giving your team live feedback and learning.

Crisis training and facilitation

We offer full crisis communications training as well as our crisis simulations. Our expert training and facilitation team can train you on how best to manage communications in a crisis, and guide you through the crisis simulation. Or, we can work with your in-house or agency crisis training teams to deliver a crisis simulation.

Most companies will have a crisis plan in place. Polpeo’s crisis simulator lets you rehearse how you would implement that plan, to reduce the risk of lasting damage to your brand. 

Simulations anywhere in the world

All our crisis simulations can be delivered either in-person or fully virtually, anywhere in the world for teams in multiple locations. All you need is a good internet connection and a computer.

We can run simulations in all major languages.

Global crisis simulations

What makes Polpeo different?

Our backgrounds are in crisis communications, social media crisis management, PR and social media. We understand the needs of in-house and agency communications teams, and the pressures those teams can face during a crisis.

Our modular crisis simulations and social media simulations mean we can create an experience to suit your needs and budget, ranging from off-the-shelf simulations for smaller teams, to full-scale bespoke simulations for up to 200 people.

Communicate in a Crisis by Kate Hartley

Understand, engage and influence consumer behaviour to maximise brand trust.

The definitive guide for any PR or marketing professional to recognise, plan and respond to a sudden wildfire of consumer-led reaction, ‘manipulated outrage’ sparked from interaction on news feed algorithms, fuelled by social media and the constant demand for an instantaneous response.

Rehearsing and managing a crisis over social and digital media

Our white paper advises how to effectively manage a social media crisis. We look at the science of rehearsing, effective preparation and communicating through the crisis. We also provide a useful crisis checklist.