Polpeo creates and simulates a realistic fictional crisis for your brand to manage on social media.

With proprietary software and specialist social media managers, Polpeo simulates any brand crisis, situation or social media experience. It is the closest thing to managing a live, breaking situation on social media, but in a private and safe environment. Powerful lessons are learned and invaluable experience gained, to protect and defend your brand in the real world.

Polpeo’s simulation technology mimics the behaviour and interaction of social networks, microblogs, news sites, forums, blogs and video channels. The public’s response is supplied by The Social Element’s team of community and social media managers. Their unparalleled experience of managing these channels in real life, delivers instant and realistic reactions to your strategy, from your simulated customer base or public audience. Feedback, training and best practice advice will ensure that your social media crisis management strategy is robust, deliverable and protects your brand.


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Social Media Crisis Simulations

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Customer Service Simulations

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Simulations to Test New Campaigns

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Polpeo is a subsidiary company of The Social Element, co-created by social media specialist The Social Element, and PR specialist Kate Hartley.

We used Polpeo to deliver a crisis simulation for our directors – they all said they found it challenging and it really helped them to reflect on our crisis preparedness. The crisis tool Polpeo have developed was absolutely brilliant and totally made the simulation. It was so realistic and meant our directors were having to consider how the crisis was playing out on all our channels, as they would do in an actual crisis. The team were a real pleasure to work with.

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Andrea Lisher

Head of PR

Rehearsing and managing a crisis over social and digital media

Our white paper advises how to effectively manage a social media crisis. We look at the science of rehearsing, effective preparation and communicating through the crisis. We also provide a useful crisis checklist.

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