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The best way to learn is through experience. It is only by experiencing a crisis that you truly find the break points in your plans and processes. Far better to do that in a closed environment than with the eyes of the world watching.

A Polpeo crisis simulation lets you experience a crisis in a safe space, before you have to manage the real thing.

Stress test your crisis plan

Our crisis simulations stress test your plans and your team, and our training modules give your teams the confidence and skills to communicate successfully through the crisis. Everything they do will get a live response from our experienced crisis role-play team, who simulate the public response to the crisis, giving your team live feedback and learning.

All our crisis exercises can be run fully remotely, in person, or using a hybrid of both and in all major languages.  

Outstanding training day in London with the @polpeo team, real time simulation managing a crisis over social and digital media. In this day and age all our businesses should be prepared and be prepared to respond quickly. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and just “switch it off” – brilliant day. I highly recommend looking these guys up. Quite honestly the best training event I’ve ever been on. Started at 1pm, I blinked and it was 5.30pm!

JCP Solicitors
Amy Seppman
Marketing Director

Rehearsing and managing a crisis over social and digital media

Our white paper advises how to effectively manage a social media crisis. We look at the science of rehearsing, effective preparation and communicating through the crisis. We also provide a useful crisis checklist.