Social media crisis simulation

Our social media crisis simulations mimic a crisis spreading over different social media and influencer channels, so your social media or customer service team can gain realistic experience of handling the public on social media during a crisis. 

Is your brand ready to manage a crisis on social media?

Polpeo simulates all the different social media channels that could come into play during a crisis, from microblogs to social networks, and from review sites to messenger services.

Our modular social media crisis simulations mean we can create an experience to suit your needs and budget, ranging from off-the-shelf simulations for smaller teams, to full-scale bespoke simulations for up to 200 people.

All our crisis exercises can be run fully remotely, in person, or using a hybrid of both and in all major languages.  

What you will take away from the simulation

How to respond to different types of behaviour on social media, such as trolling, outrage, misinformation and activism

How to cope with the volume of responses on social media during a crisis

How to communicate with empathy and authenticity, and within your company’s values

How to triage who to respond to

How to avoid inflaming a situation

How to adapt your tone of voice for different situations, channels and audiences

When to respond and when not to engage

How and when to escalate a situation developing on social media 

How to communicate effectively across teams to deal with a social media crisis

Evaluate your performance

If you’d like us to, we can score your performance against a set of performance criteria that will be agreed with you in advance.

Immediately after the simulation, we give you topline feedback on how the team performed; this is followed by a full feedback report including recommendations for improvement.

Outstanding training day in London with the @polpeo team, real time simulation managing a crisis over social and digital media. In this day and age all our businesses should be prepared and be prepared to respond quickly. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand and just “switch it off” – brilliant day. I highly recommend looking these guys up. Quite honestly the best training event I’ve ever been on. Started at 1pm, I blinked and it was 5.30pm!

JCP Solicitors
Amy Seppman
Marketing Director