Customer Service Simulations

Customer service simulations: the frontline in reputation management

Customer service simulations let your customer service teams experience an issue unfolding over social media, and rehearse how to handle public enquiries, issues, or problems on social channels. Customer service is an integral part of social media management: you might have a dedicated social media customer service team who talk to customers on branded social media pages, answering everyday queries, and responding to complaints and issues. They are at the forefront of managing your brand’s reputation with your customers.

Social media has changed customer expectations from brands. Best practice now dictates that a brand has around 15 minutes to respond to a breaking issue on Twitter, and 30 minutes on Facebook. Your customers expect to talk to you on any channel they choose, and receive the same high level of service. That means empowering customer service teams to respond quickly on social media, and spotting and escalating issues in order to avoid a crisis.

By experiencing Polpeo’s social media simulation of a realistic event, your customer service teams will rehearse their responses to specific customer queries, practise responding in your company’s ‘voice’ to different situations, test escalation processes, and identify gaps in internal policies and procedures.

They will also gain the invaluable experience of dealing with the emotions of customers caught in the crisis (such as a product fault, or service issue), managing responses to negative customer reviews, and implementing swift resolution techniques.

Polpeo’s team of social media and community managers work with some of the biggest brands in the world, and are at the forefront of current thinking on social media techniques to manage a brand’s reputation with its customers. During a customer service simulation, you will learn best practice in dealing with customers on social media and rehearse implementing the company’s social media guidelines in a range of different situations.

All our simulations can be delivered completely remotely, with secure online logins and training delivered by video.

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