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brand reputation

Does brand reputation matter?

Axios has released the results of the latest Axios Harris Poll 100 survey. It conducted the research by asking U.S. adults to rank companies based on their corporate reputation. The participants were not happy with Facebook, at all. It fell…
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Gillette ad

Gillette: the best an ad can get?

We’ve blogged before about how tricky it can be for brands to wade into political discussions, and right now, gender politics is one of the most heated areas of social contention. But brands also need to act and communicate in…
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honesty in a crisis

Why being honest matters in a crisis

“Why is it important for companies to be honest in a crisis?” I’m talking to John Brown, founder of Don’t Cry Wolf, an agency that works with ‘no bullshit’ brands – brands that want to make honest and openness a…
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