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The role of leaders during a brand crisis

Strong leadership can make the difference between a crisis that damages your reputation irrevocably, and one that you recover and learn from. A leader’s role during a crisis should include six areas: setting the strategy for the crisis; setting the…
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The art of the apology: 5 ways to do it well

Some people may think that it’s a bad idea for brands to apologise to their customers when they get something wrong. Doesn’t an apology imply blame? Couldn’t that have legal implications? But…they may still want to issue an apology, you…
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When is a crisis not a crisis?

I was chatting to Ben Smith for the PR Moment podcast recently about crisis communications, and one of the things that came up in conversation was: what is a crisis? And how do you know when you’re officially in a…
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Want to participate in a crisis simulation?

If you’re a member of the PRCA and you’ve ever wanted to take part in a live, interactive crisis simulation now’s your chance! Polpeo will be running a simulation at the PRCA Crisis Communications Group event on Tuesday 14th January…
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brand reputation

Does brand reputation matter?

Axios has released the results of the latest Axios Harris Poll 100 survey. It conducted the research by asking U.S. adults to rank companies based on their corporate reputation. The participants were not happy with Facebook, at all. It fell…
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