The horse meat scandal that erupted in 2013 had a huge impact on major UK food brands and supermarkets. And in this episode of “What Just Happened?,” hosts Kate Hartley and Tamara Littleton, with special guest Dr Mukta Das, discuss how horse meat came to be found in food products and what the impact was.

‘Horsegate’ began when the Food Safety Authority in Ireland discovered horse DNA in meat products sold as beef, leading to widespread recalls and public outrage. The scandal exposed the complexity and fragility of the food supply chain, revealing the presence of horse meat in beef products due to fraudulent practices by suppliers. Major supermarkets like Tesco and suppliers such as ABP Food Group faced significant financial and reputational damage.

Horsegate led to improved food safety measures, including better legal controls, enhanced DNA testing, and increased cooperation across borders. But food fraud remains a concern, and we look at the cultural and systemic issues within the food industry and the need for transparency and sustainability in food supply chains.

A full transcript of today’s show is available to read here.

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