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Polpeo at SXSW

If you’re wondering what it’s like to be a participant at one of Polpeo’s simulations, read Casey Newton’s Verge article. He took part in our recent SXSW event, where a packed room tried desperately to salvage the reputation of a (fake) start-up founder.

What followed was a few hours of frantic activity as the teams tried everything from sending someone to physically drag the CEO out of the bar he was ensconced in, to making executive decisions and pulling him out of upcoming events. (Not my team though, they fully embraced his wild side and came up with #RockStarCEO as they celebrated his full commitment to the team work and work hard/play hard values of the fake company.)

Whether you’re dealing with a product recall, a data breach, or an errant executive, a crisis can break on social media and spread around the world in just one hour. That doesn’t give brands much time to respond. It’s vital for brands to be fully prepared to meet potential crises. Crisis plans are important, but nothing can replace experiencing the panic of a mounting crisis. Our simulations allow brands to experience this in a safe, closed environment, so that when the real crisis hits, they’ll be ready.

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‘Rehearsing a crisis breaking over social media’: a workshop and simulation at #SXSW
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