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The Polpeo team had a great time running the simulation component of the Direct Marketing Association’s social media crisis workshop on 22/05/14. The participants battled to defend their fictitious brand, as it weathered a brutal social media storm. How did they do?

The morning started with Tamara Littleton, CEO Emoderation and Polpeo, introducing the simulator and preparing the participants for what lay ahead.

Once the simulation got underway, it didn’t take long for the teams to get that intense look that team Polpeo knows and loves.

The great thing about the simulator is its interactive nature. As the participants strategise and post their responses to our characters, the Polpeo CM team are responding to their efforts.

A response that pleases Grace may infuriate Frankie. The participants need to carefully consider who they respond to, and what they say.

And they have to do this quickly and under mounting pressure.

The DMA had arranged a reward for the winning team – although I like to think all the participants are winners – you can’t really argue with a cupcake (especially when they look like the ones below…).

The event concluded with Tamara participating in a panel discussion (with John Haggis, Digital Media Partner, Sheridans; Keith Ashby, Dispute Resolution Partner, Sheridans and George Ionnaou, head of Digital and Wise) which covered how brands can defend themselves during a crisis.

For example, there’s often a clash between what the legal team says you can say, and what the public wants to hear from you. How do you navigate that?

If you didn’t make it to this demo, we hope to see you at the next one!

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