United Airlines Passenger Removal

United Airlines Passenger Removal

In this episode of “What Just Happened?,” hosts Kate Hartley and Tamara Littleton, with special guest Mark Fritz, discuss the 2017 United Airlines crisis, where passenger Dr. David Dao was forcibly removed from a flight to make room for United employees.

The incident was filmed and widely shared on social media, and United’s initial response blamed Dao, further fueling outrage. This led to a significant backlash, including a drop in United’s stock price and calls for a boycott. CEO Oscar Munoz later issued a more sincere apology, which helped mitigate the damage.

In the show we look at the importance of strategic intent, strong leadership, and effective communication during crises. We look at why leaders must focus on clear communication, listening, and maintaining strategic patience to navigate crises successfully. And we also discuss the importance of having core values and behaviours that guide the organisation in such situations.

A full transcript of today’s show is available to read here.

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